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Pick one of our online prototype and custom manufacturers

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prototype milling
"I ordered some parts to be CNC machined in Aluminum 6082 for a prototype build I am working on. Drawing was finished Tuesday January 5th and sent to my regular machine shops nearby. This time I also uploaded a STEP file of the design to partZpro to test their system after finding them on the internet.
On the January 6th I received a quote for shipping and manufacturer. I was surprised over the easy process on their website, and ordered the parts to test it out. A few days later I sent an address update to sales to add some information to transport.
Unbelievable - Monday morning January 11th, DHL was at my doorstop delivering the parts. We are talking about less than 4 working days. Delivered from the other side of the world, and that is before my nearby shops even have responded with their quote and lead time.
Parts delivered were perfectly fit, better than specified tolerance, and had a great surface finish.
I will definitely look into this service then I need parts next time" - Rune Kvam

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CNC machining near me

Cost saving quotes directly from machine shops

Secured and preferred payment method

Escrow manufacturing platform

Automatic ordering process

Free feedback by a dedicated engineer

Spend less and make more rapid prototypes

Save up to 2x on your CNC machining, 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication, and plastic injection molding by direct quotes from our world class manufacturers.

Our manufacturers have the ability for milling service, 5 axis CNC service, and CNC lathe parts. Also, they can provide milling for custom aluminum parts,  aluminum cutting,  milling plastic, and  milling stainless steel. Our customers can request for a wide range of post-processing services for  parts. post-processing services include anodizing, plating, powder coating, laser engraving, and silk screening.

Receive custom manufactured parts based on your standards

3d printing service

Tolerances as tight as -/+ 0.0004" (-/+ 0.01 mm)

How our online machining quotes work

Select one of our machine shops, upload your parts onto their dashboard, customize requirements with our free online tool, and review your quote from your direct manufacturer. They will then deliver your high quality custom manufactured parts directly to you. Secure, efficient, and innovative. Streamline your business with our solutions for manufacturing on demand.

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