On-demand manufacturing made cost effective

partZpro is a technology part manufacturer in California and uses automated platform to service customers globally. With the help of our top of the line factories with over 1000 CNC machines in our growing network, customers use our platform to get quotes from our suppliers. Our advantage over single suppliers is that we monitor, rate and filter out suppliers that have higher quotes,  or quality and after sales service issues. partZpro direct quotes from factories enabled our customers to bypass overpriced suppliers and save their time in manufacturing processes. Customers can get the best quotes under one roof without needing to go door to door to find the suitable vendor for their products.

Our goal is to reduce CNC machining, 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication, and injection molding costs by connecting customers directly to manufacturers with the help of technology. We use the power of AI and custom manufacturing to ensure you receive the high-quality and affordable, functional parts you need. So you can get your parts to market as quickly as possible without the hassle.

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