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On-demand manufacturing made cost effective

We are a manufacturing service as a one-stop-shop for prototypes and production in Orange County, California. Our goal is to reduce CNC machining, 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication, and injection molding costs by connecting customers directly to manufacturers with the help of technology. Our growing fleet of over 600 CNC machines and 100 3D printers globally, including in China​, can serve low volume production and mass production.

We use the power of AI and custom manufacturing to ensure you receive the high-quality and affordable, functional parts you need. So you can get your parts to market as quickly as possible without the hassle.

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We cover all of your manufacturing needs

3d print shop
Rapid prototyping service
Low volume production
sheet metal
Complex parts maufacturing
All types of metals and plastics
sheet metal
High volum manufacturing
Swiss machining
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