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Why Select Our Injection Molding Services?

Automated ordering system
partZpro is a US-based manufacturing online service that provides you a user-friendly online tool for ordering injection molding tools. You can follow up on your order, from payment to shipping via your secured dashboard. You can also get feedback and DFM (design for manufacturing) analysis from your dedicated project manager who connects you to the mold shops. 

Cost-saving by up to 4x
Unlike the traditional mold making companies, our online and automated platform enables us to reduce costs for manufacturing your parts. The saved cost will affect your final product and lets you have leverage compared to your competitors.

The best in class injection molding tool makers network
Some of our vetted injection molding tool makers have experience for over 20 years with leading brands in automotive, medical devices, consumer goods, computer hardware industries and more.

High quality injection molded parts
We work with you step-by-step from submitting your 2D and 3D models to delivering the first articles to make sure you are receiving the highest quality parts in the shorts lead times. We will give you suggestions in terms of the choice of material and improving the part design.

Types of injection molding technologies

Injection molding is an interesting concept that a lot of companies use these days. However, the trend is also getting an exciting twist thanks to various innovations. Here are some of the most popular of those:

Thin Wall Molding

With thin wall injection molding, you get to achieve a plastic part using a thin wall. This form of injection molding is usually applied when testing electronics, tools, tubes, and other enclosures. Injection molders who do thin wall molding will have to consider every part of the design. By doing this, they can ensure that the small wall's geometry holds its own and doesn't develop any quality problems. 

Gas-assisted Injection Molding

Most companies that conduct injection molding on thick plastic tend to run the risk of distorting the part as it cools down. This is where gas-assisted injection molding comes in. This form of injection molding solves the possible distortion issue by adding gas into an injection mold filled with plastic. The gas allows the plastic outside the mold to achieve a finished, smooth appearance while the inside stays hollow. Apart from just keeping the part from getting distorted, gas-assisted injection molding will also reduce the entire cost. Since you're using less of the material, you can save money.

Metal Injection Molding

While it is the most popular material, plastic isn't the only thing to have an injection model done. Some companies also do the same on metal.  Metal injection molding is more expensive than molding on plastic, and not many people use it. However, it has gotten extensive use nonetheless. For instance, several companies that make cell phones use metal injection molding to protect some of the inner components of the phones from microwaves and radio wave emissions.

Liquid Silicone Injection Molding

Most of the plastic injection molding is thermoset – essentially, cold material being injected into a hot mold to create something. The process means that the part can't be melted again. However, if you want to get a part that can withstand high temperatures or even chemical agents, you might need to get a thermoplastic injection molding instead. This form uses liquid silicone, and several specialized tools – including but not limited to, vehicle parts and medical devices – are made using this method.

3D Printing

3D printing is another significant form of injection molding technology because of its role in prototyping an injection model. Companies usually create 3D-printed prototypes of an object before designing and moving into the production phase. 

This way, the artist can view and render the injection molds using metal or plastic and look into making alterations to improve the model. Of course, it's worth noting that 3D printing can work to print injection molds using metal or plastic.  

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