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Advantages of plastic injection molding

Plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process that converts a lot of liquid plastic into a number of different shapes. For most big machines, the raw material needs to be heated before entering the injection process in order to keep it workable at the temperature that it must enter the machine. Thanks to modern technology, injection temperatures have not run rampant as in the past while reciprocating and axial machines, as well as the use of better thermoplastics have all but erased this factor. For some machines, the thermoplastics are brittle and cannot take the high temperatures necessary to make it work but a liquid state is required. Other clever machines have cooling jackets that allow the process to happen at relatively low for the time being. Thermal protection on such machines is necessary as the working zone might even get as hot as 700 ๔C when running. For high production, injection molding has some considerable advantages. Chances are injection molding will also run more quickly in order to keep up with demand. The mold time and also the capping time are quicker than other manufacturing methods, with injection molding boasting high tolerances. For all those reasons, with some high temperature a few caveats about cooling help, molten plastic injection molding should satisfy the majority of needs in the manufacturing world.

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