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How to choose the right CNC machine shop

How to choose the right CNC machine shop

Often people do not know what to check out for when choosing a machine shop to help them out with their CNC machined parts. Choosing a CNC machine shop is more than just searching for a CNC machine shop near you. One might get tempted to the only search for queries like "CNC machine shops near me" and go with the ones that are first listed. We are not saying it is a terrible idea to search for CNC machine shops close to you. However, we want to make sure that you do not just visit any CNC machine shop and not be satisfied with the services that they offer.

Steps on How to Choose the Right CNC Machine Shop

  1. Search for a CNC machine shop close to you. Searching is a straightforward step to do thanks to Google. You can enter the phrase 'CNC machine shops near me,' and Google helps to list them. To enjoy this feature, ensure that you have your location turned on.
  2. Determine what they can handle your request. Not all machine shops specialize in all areas. Some have the core areas that they are qualified. It is now left to you to decide which one best suits your needs. Ensure that you check out customers also review and, if possible, services that they have done for others near you. For example, aerospace CNC machining requirements are different than medical device CNC machining.
  3. Check if the CNC machine shop can handle your tolerance requirements in terms of CNC precision engineering standards.
  4. Make sure that the CNC machine shop can cover CNC turning and milling depending on the design of your parts.
  5. Look up the CNC machining companies who accept reviewing your parts for free. Even the best designers may miss tips about the design for CNC machining when designing their CNC machined parts. Some CNC companies agree to review the parts for CNC machinability for free.
  6. Always check if CNC companies guarantee the quality of CNC machined parts. It means you are sure that you have payment protection in typical situations that your CNC machined parts haven't come out as your tolerance scheme. So your CNC machine company is prepared to refund your funds or remake the faulty CNC machined parts.
  7. Determine the capacity of the CNC machining company. Some CNC machining companies only have the ability fo prototype machining and small-batch machining. The number of CNC machines and the size of the CNC machining company is an indication if the CNC machining company can handle either small batch CNC machining or mass production for your CNC machining job.
  8. Check how easy you can get quotes from the CNC machining company.  Some CNC machine shops need you to email them 3D models and specs, while some enable you to upload your parts on their website and type in each part requirements on their website and submit your RFQ. If you are a designer who designs many CNC machined parts and wants to redo the mentioned process for a new CNC machined part each design change, you will end up with frustration.  There are online machine shops that enable you to upload your CNC machined parts and get an instant CNC quote. Also, they will allow you to customize your  CNC quotes using their online CNC quoting tools.
  9. Ensure you are buying CNC machined parts at the right price. Some CNC companies sell their CNC machining services as overpriced. Also, most of the online CNC machine shops that are acting as middleman add mind-blowing commission fees to the cost of CNC machined parts when made by actual CNC companies. Paying top prices for CNC machined parts can bad influence on the final price of the product for the end-user and competition.

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