Online CNC machine shop in orange county CA

Online CNC machine shop in orange county CA

How to get a quote on partZpro

  •  Sign up at our sign up page. Our machine shops will use your email for DFM analysis, and also platform will send your final quote to your email provided on this page.

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Sing up before getting instant quote for CNC machining

  • Select a manufacturer based on the service they provide. In this case, you should look for CNC machining and also the country you want to order your parts from by clicking on 'Get An Instant Quote'

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Select one of the manufacturers who has CNC machining capability
  • Next, upload your 3D model file 

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Click to upload 3D model

  • Then in the customization page for your quote request, you can choose how you want your CNC machined parts to be made. You would select items such as technology (CNC machining), material,  quantity, surface finish, and color. You may also want to upload technical drawings for locations of the taps/threads/inserts. Or if you wish to machine shop makes your part with tighter tolerances than standard tolerances, you can upload a 2D drawing for extra instruction to the machine shop. Note base on the options you select, the platform updates the quote estimation for your part.

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Instant quote estimation before submitting to CNC shop

  • You can add a new part for your quote request or send your quote for the manufacturer review.

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Add a new part to RFQ or review and submit your request

  • Finally, you would need to enter your shipping information. The machine shop will use your shipping information to calculate the shipping cost of your parts to any location in Southern California. Note that overseas manufacturers will calculate shipping based on two days of priority shipping. 

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After reviewing your parts, click on 'Submit Your Quote Request"

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Enter your shipping information for shipping cost by the machine shop

  •  Once the machine shop reviewed your RFQ within 24 hours, you will get an email notification regarding your quote is ready. By clicking the 'Check My Quote' button, you will be directed to login page for checking your quote. 
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Click on 'View Your Quote' to view your CNC machining quote

  • In the end, You can click the 'Place Order' button to place your order. 

Click check my quote to view your quote

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Click place order to proceed to check out

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