Why should I consider online manufacturing services over cnc machining services near me?

Why should I consider online manufacturing services over cnc machining services near me?

With the rapid growth of cloud computing for manufacturing in the second decade of the 21st century, the manufacturing industry has changed dramatically. Now customers, while sitting at the comfort of their offices, can place an order for a small or large on-demand manufactured parts.

Here are some advantages of online manufacturing at partZpro you should consider before looking at a local CNC shop for your making CNC machined parts.

More convenient 

While filling up spreadsheets and emailing files to local or remote CNC machine shops is still an option for online RFQs. It is always a manual process that is time-consuming, and the designers or project managers can quickly lose track of essential manufacturing orders among their daily emails. 

With our online CNC manufacturing services, an RFQ can be put together much quicker than traditional RFQs. At the same time, the designer can focus on the essential aspects of their manufacturing order without distraction.


Traditional machine shop prices can increase over time without their customer noticing that they are paying for overpriced services. The overpriced final product can, in which CNC machined parts silently play an essential role in their value, lower the chances for success in today's competitive market.

partZpro has created a competitive network of manufacturers who are trying to beat the AI prices and also beat each other's prices. So the customer is always on top of their manufacturing network prices quality guaranteed on-demand manufacturing environment.

Faster products to market

Local machine shops a limited number of CNC machines can delay their delivery time, which ultimately could make the design iteration or product to market sluggish.

partZpro's growing network of manufacturers currently has 600 CNC machines at the fingertips of the customers. Our one of the largest fleet of CNC machines and experienced engineering team assures any size production with the best turn arounds in the industry.

Access to better technologies

Smaller machine shops may not be able to upgrade their CNC machines regularly to keep up with the high demand for quality and speed in the competition.

Also, sometimes, it has seen  CNC machines at the small machine shop are not getting calibrated per standard. CNC machines without regular calibration can reduce the quality and accuracy of the resulted made parts.

partZpro's partners have CNC machines with the cutting edge  technology and highest accuracy level.

Our gold partners have ISO standards, and their machine tools are under continuous calibration and inspection to deliver the highest quality parts in the shortest lead-times.

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