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"The best service and quality for the right price! Really professional and always trying to help the customer! Definitely great!", Daniel Climber

"Accurate delivery times and fast service. I have been very satisfied with the parts that I have purchased.", Tony Lazaro

"Excellent service and fast turnaround at a competitive price. Items were delivered to our office in New Zealand within 1 month of placing the order and all parts were within design tolerances", Corben Taylor

"Great platform for CNC Machining. I ordered some parts to be CNC Machined in Alumnium 6082 for a prototype build I am working on. Drawing was finished Tusday 05. January and sent to my regular machining shops nearby. This time I also uploaded a STEP file of the design to partZpro to test their system after finding them on internet. On the 06. January I received a quote for shipping and manufacturing I was surprised over the easy process on their website, and ordered the parts to test it out. A few days later I sent address update to sales to add some information to transport. Unbelievable - On morning Monday 11. January DHL was on my doorstep delivering the parts. Shipping had the updated information.  We are talking about less than 4 working days. Delivered from other side of world, and that is before my nearby shops even has responded with their quote and lead time.Part delivered was perfectly fit, better than specified tolerance, and had a great surface finish. I will definitely look into this service then I need parts next time.", Rune Kvame - On morning Monday 11. January DHL was on my Doorstop delivering the parts. Shipping had the updated Information.  We are talking about less than 4 working days. Delivered from other side of World, and that is before my nearby shops even has responded with their quoute and lead time.Part delivered was perfectly fit, better than specified tolerance, and had a great surface finish.I will definitely look into this service then I need parts next time.", Rune Kvam

"I recently had used partzpro for a prototype to be made from a 3d file into aluminum. And I'm super happy I did. Cost was a fraction of its competitors and turn around was about a month. During holidays. Parts were very accurate and Now my prototype is 1 site closer to being finalized.  Will most Definately use again", Matt Faxon

"Response time is incredibly fast.  I am impressed and adds to their credibility.  Will do business with again ASAP.", Mark Scallan

"Great job on products that I have ordered.", ASG Astrology

"Great service, pricing and speed.", Paul Murtagh

"Parts are always made to your design specifications. Reasonable prices and fast turn around.", Dennis Tang

"A very prompt quotation and efficient processing of our order.CNC machining was executed exactly as requested.Delivery was pretty fast. Even faster than quoted.", Andre Dussault

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3d printing near me

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DFM by a dedicated engineer on your dashboard

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Unlock the power of advanced 3D printing services with our :

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SLS 3D printing service
SLA 3D printing service
Metal 3D printing service
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Titanum 3D printing service


San Jose California

Use our network of suppliers to cut costs by up to


In the world of manufacturing innovation,

San Jose California

has become a hub for technology.

And becoming a hub for 3D printing technology. This groundbreaking approach offers unparalleled advantages like quick prototyping, complete customization, and substantial cost savings. But the key to harnessing its full potential lies in choosing the right 3D printing methodology and a reliable supplier network. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the specialized 3D printing services we offer in

San Jose California

— by focusing on MJF, SLS, SLA, and SLM technologies.

Our industrial 3D printing services for

San Jose California

  • MJF (Multi Jet Fusion): HP's Multi Jet Fusion is designed for functional prototypes and production applications. It offers high-detail resolution and superior mechanical properties.
  • SLS (Selective Laser Sintering): SLS is well-suited for complex geometries and offers a good balance between detail and strength.
  • SLA (Stereolithography): SLA provides high-resolution 3D printing and is commonly used for creating intricate models and prototypes.
  • SLM (Selective Laser Melting): Unlike SLS, SLM fully melts the material, making it ideal for high-stress, high-performance applications.

Why select partZpro's additive manufacturing services over 3D printing services near me?

  • The network advantage: How we cut costs on the 3D printing industry is teaming with suppliers, each offering varying quality, timelines, and pricing. Our unique value proposition lies in leveraging a network of vetted suppliers to negotiate better terms and ensure optimal results.
  • Bulk purchasing: Buying raw materials in larger quantities allows us to negotiate better prices, directly benefiting you.
  • Expertise matching: We match your project with suppliers who have specialized expertise in the specific 3D printing technology you require.
  • Quality checks: Our network undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring you receive the best possible end-product.
  • Competitive Edge: Compared to 3D printing services near you, our network of 3D printing services competes to offer you the best solutions.
  • Low cost 3D printing service: The best 3D printing service, with cheap 3D metal 3D servicices as an online 3D printing services for hobbyists and professionals.

Add-On Services: Post-Processing and 3D printing finishing services for

San Jose California

Once your product is printed, the journey isn't over. Our add-on services like painting, silk screening, and plating can further elevate your 3D printing designs. These finishing touches not only enhance aesthetic appeal but also add functional advantages like corrosion resistance or improved durability. Here a list of 3D priniting finish services you can inquire in you RFQs:

For MJF 3D printing quote:

  • Dyed finish
  • Bead blasted
  • Tumbled finish
  • Sealed finish
  • Painted finish
  • High-quality surface finish
  • Color touch finish

For SLS 3D printing quote:

  • Dyed finish
  • Bead blasted
  • Tumbled finish
  • High-resolution finish
  • Sealed finish
  • Metal plating
  • Soft-Touch finish

For SLA 3D printing quote:

  • Standard finish
  • Clear finish (for transparent parts)
  • Painted finish
  • Primed finish
  • Sanding and polishing
  • Metal plating
  • High gloss finish

For metal 3D printing quote:

  • Standard unfinished (as-sintered)
  • Sandblasted finish
  • Machined finish
  • Polished finish
  • Electroplated finish
  • Anodized finish

Frequently asked questions about 3D printing service for

San Jose California

How quickly can I get my 3D printed parts?
Depending on the complexity and the technology used, lead times can vary. However, our 3D printing service network approach often allows us to deliver faster than competitors.

Is there a minimum 3D printing order requirement?
No, our 3D printing shops enables us to efficiently handle both small and large orders.How do you ensure quality?

Every 3D printing shop in our network undergoes regular quality assessments. Furthermore, we offer a guarantee on all products.

Our specialized 3D printing services in MJF, SLS, SLA, and SLM 3D printing are designed to unlock all benefits for you. More importantly, our network of 3D printing shops serves as a robust backbone, allowing us to deliver high-quality 3D printing parts at a fraction of the usual cost.Embrace the future of additive manufacturing with confidence. With up to 80% cost reduction in 3D printing service, your only limitation is your imagination.

Expert post-processing services for 3D printed parts: painting, silk screening, and plating solutions to elevate your designs

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